Monday, April 14, 2014

Enchant Him Review

Yes it is true we find someone that we really like and think yes he is the one and we are afraid to lose them and we start to think of ways to enchant him to capture him and make him all yours. Sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it but it is not. You can enchant him time and again. And it is so easy to do, it is all about the feminine you. Men love women that are feminine, classy, have a great sense of humor, are light hearted are challenging and smart and you are ALL THAT!

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Enchant him with who you are…

That is right, you can enchant him with who you are the real you! Who is very beautiful and there is no need to start to doubt yourself you just need to know the secrets about bringing the best out of you that’s all. So how do you go about this? Well what you will need to do is some self exploring, of who you really are and all the aspects that you love about you! And don’t think for a second that there is nothing to love about you there is heaps! More than you can imagine.

For starters know doubt you are kind, caring, considerate, you can be funny, you know how to make people laugh, you have great teeth, beautiful hair, eyes etc. Focus on all your positives make a list and then create the not so positives and this is where you create change for yourself, this is called improvement and that is great but it is also change, and gives you that self confidence and of course your self esteem will grow, before you know it you will shine the real you!

Enchant him with the seductive you…

Every woman is born with the skill to seduce a man, it is something that is born within and when you are attracted to a man this is where it comes out naturally, this is where you can add more allure to who you are as a woman, learn techniques that will enchant him, as an example you have a great set of legs, well don’t cover them show them of course wear dresses skirts in a reasonable length.

You could always hitch the skirt or dress up just a tad as he looks at your legs, you have lips that are made for kissing, you can highlight them with some lip gloss and lipstick and leave your lips slightly parted to show your pearly whites, men are attracted to women’s lips! Best part of all believe that you are a very seductive woman the more you believe this the more seductive you will become as your self esteem and confidence levels start to soar you will let that seductive spirit come to the for!

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Enchant him with your style of intimacy and sex appeal!

Well yes every relationship is very unique and of course you want to enchant him in the bedroom, forget about being compared to his ex rather focus on being the enchantress that you are in the bedroom. Let your wild side come out, show him a good time, be confident, be sassy, be sexy, be feminine, be who you want to be! The more confident you are in who you are as the epitomy of the sexy woman that is desired by men!

Be seductive, secretive, mysterious, splash on your signature perfume, ps make sure it is a perfume that turns his scents wild for you! And for any woman that thinks her body is not that great my advice is no need to focus on that rather focus on that you are sexy and he wants you deeply, badly, lusting for you time after time.

Ps men really do not focus that much on a womans body rather he will focus on her particular assets that attracted him initially and your sexual confidence and ravenous appetite for him, mmm men do love it when their woman has a great appetite for them and enjoys having great sessions with him time after time, yes it is true men have a great desire for sex they love it!

Enchant him in the kitchen…

Now you might turn your nose up on this one, but dearest ladies a way to a man’s heart is through food! Ps for some not all, this is where it can become great fun as you both create a fantastic meal together, do it with style, lots of laughter, and make it fun, he will enjoy cooking with you, and will be eager to cook time and again especially when you are wearing your little French maid outfit. So be inventive in the kitchen, oh remember you are his desert! So make sure that you are delicious in more ways than one!

Keeping him enchanted throughout the years of your relationship…

Of course in the beginning of the relationship you razzled and dazzled and enchanted him that now you are wearing his rings on your left finger. So how do you keep the enchantment happening year after year? Simple really, all you need to do is find time here and there and let the enchantress come out so she can have her play, remember to always look your stylish best, make an effort to look after yourself in more ways than one, such as having a healthy diet, exercise, meditation etc.

Make sure that at least once a week that you allow that great enchanting seductress come out of you to lure him into your world of the femme fatale where his head spins as he desires you, and in the go betweens enjoy those intimate moments but always see it as a way for both of you to share great moments of bonding, caring, trust, etc. between you. Learn to massage each other, and above all, what is very important is that you both have “me” time where you both are able to do something that you love alone or together whatever it is. Also make sure that you both spend quality time together on a regular basis, after all they have become your best friend, lover, partner and companion!
Enchant Him

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